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Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) by television cameras/videoprobes

Steam Turbine Inspection David Jackson circa 1970  
  • Pre-box-up inspections
  • Retrieval of debris
  • Condition monitoring
  • Insurance inspections
  • Emergency-call-out service (subject to availability)
  • Overseas enquiries welcome

There's no substitute for over 50 years of experience

Remote Visual Inspection and Debris Retrieval

Inspection by television/videoprobe of pipe-work, vessels and plant in which defects or debris present a problem. Debris retrieval is a normal part of this service. Video recordings can be provided on a wide choice of media with laser-printed hard-copy reports if required


  • Boilers, turbines, alternators and aux plant
  • Coal, oil and gas-fired power plant
  • Nuclear installations
  • Combined-cycle, gas-turbine plant
  • Combined heat and power systems
  • Energy from  waste/biofuels
  • Oil refineries


  • Chemical plant
  • Iron, steel and aluminium industries
  • Paper and board mills
  • Civil engineering
  • Chimney and flue inspections
  • Marine boilers and plant
  • Underwater inspections


Remote Visual Inspection in Electricity Generation


  • Inspection of headers for interligament and star-burst cracking
  • Inspection of wall tubes etc for corrosion and weld defects
  • Recovery of debris from headers, downcomers etc
  • Safety-valves and associated pipe-work
  • Attemperator spray nozzles and liners
  • PF pipe-work, linings and damper


  • Main steam and hot/cold reheat pipes
  • Stop-valves, governor-valves, interceptor-valves and strainers
  • HP/IP loop pipes, inlet annuli and blading
  • Cylinder interspaces, bled-steam pipe-work and non-return valves
  • LP cylinders and cross-under pipe-work
  • Gland-steam pipe-work
  • Oil pump suction and discharge legs
  • Pedestal internals and oil-drain lines


  • End-shield region of outer casing
  • Rotor windings and air-gap
  • Cooling-water and seal-oil systems
  • Exciter-bed-plate air-ducts

Auxiliary plant

  • Feed-heaters, heat exchangers and associated pipe-work
  • Feed-pump suction and discharge pipe-work
  • Boiler-feed-pump turbine and steam pipe-work
  • De-aerator vessel and associated pipe-work
  • Gas-turbine ducting and blading

And any other tanks, vessels, pipe-work or plant in which debris or defects present a problem

Our inspection service was established in December 1965. Since then we have successfully completed thousands of inspection and debris-retrieval assignments. All work of this type is carried out by fully-experienced operators using a wide range of specialist equipment. Witnessing of inspections by a responsible representative of the client is encouraged. Wherever possible we insist that covers are fitted, in our presence, immediately following inspection. Details of any factors which may influence the security of the plant are recorded. An inspection report is submitted to the customer and two further copies are held by Jackson Electronics. These are stored in separate locations to protect against loss of information by fire. All records are retained for a period of ten years.


Specimen Report Sheets


Video recordings can be provided on DVD/USB Flash drive plus a range of legacy media

We don't want to worry you but-

during three years of outages we retrieved the following items from critical areas of UK power station plant

185 Welding rods 5 Steel rules 1 Metal bracket
144 Bolts/screws/nails/pins 5 Klingerit blanks 1 Eraser
140 Wedges 5 Aerosol/grease/markers 1 Note book
108 Springs 5 Pipe fittings 1 Diaphragm key
75 Nuts 5 Ear defenders 1 Hose cap
75 Pieces of emery cloth 5 Pieces of strainer 1 Sprit level
69 Polythene sheets/bags 4 Pieces of gasket 1 Shaft stop
63 Washers 4 Micrometer/Depth gauge 1 Metal spacer
55 Pieces of rag 4 Scrapers 1 5" metal ring
55 Metal plate/shim/tube 4 Chisels 1 Pair of tinsnips
47 Pieces of wood 4 Dial gauges/feelers 1 Rubber gland boot
46 Grinding discs/stones 4 Chuck keys/handles/boss 1 Oil can
45 Pieces of wire/lead wire 4 Scaffold planks 1 EPD (Dosimeter)
38 Pieces of liner 4 Pieces of string/rope 1 Pipe bung
20 Sheets of paper/card/board 3 Pieces of chalk 1 Magnetic strip
18 Sockets/extensions/UJ's 3 Punches 1 Paper clip
18 Pens/Pencils/Pen top 3 Thermometer pockets 1 Grappling hook
15 Spanners/Adjustables 3 Full face visors 1 Ear defender packet
14 Plastic bottles/caps 3 Flogging spanners 1 Camera battery pack
13 Allen keys 3 Pieces of poly pipe 1 Watch strap
12 Scaffold clips/fittings 3 Gland fittings 1 Piece of packing
11 Clamps 3 Metal bars 1 Face mask
10 Coins 3 Ratchets 1 Piece of welding blanket
10 Files 3 Magnetic bases 1 Large metal plate
10 Hammers (1x4lb lump) 3 Air bags 1 Ceramic disc
10 Spray nozzles 2 Metal blocks 1 Tin of foliac
9 Cable clips/ties 2 Cloth dust sheets (1 wet) 1 Roll of emery cloth
9 Rigger's gloves 2 Hand lamp shields 1 Safety helmet
8 Taps 2 Pairs of safety glasses 1 Piece of bending machine
8 Drills/Burrs/Cutters 2 Expanding drain stoppers 1 Flap wheel
8 Pieces of turbine blade 2 Plastic plugs 1 Cigarette lighter
7 Pieces of tape 2 Diffusers 1 Piece of carbon
7 Saw blades 2 Bunches of keys 1 Vacuum hose fittings
6 Screwdrivers 1 Tap box (2 halves) 1 Key
6 Rubber sheet/pipe/seal 1 Security badge 1 Packet of Polo mints
6 Pieces of brush gear 1 Kitchen knife 1 Hand lamp glass
6 Wire/bristle brushes 1 NDT probe 1 Pair of pliers
6 Torches 1 Locking collar 1 Metal ID tag

A total of 1543 items

PLUS vast quantities of swarf, slag, scale, grinding debris, jointing debris, blasting sand, lagging and blade fragments

Since then we have retrieved literally thousands of items which would almost certainly have caused destruction of plant

We are sure you will agree that this underlines the need for Remote Visual Inspection-assisted box-up with final assembly immediately following inspection and preferably in our presence.

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