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Inspection Equipment

The right tools get the job done cost effectively

Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) Service

  • Fleet of four Vauxhall Astra Sportiv Vans
  • Fully equipped for inspection/debris retrieval
  • SWB Landrover available for off-road locations
  • In house electronic/mechanical workshops
  • Safety-passported and security-vetted operators with required PPE
  • Service provided for over 50 years

Local company, global reach

  • VCA (Checklist Environment, Health and Safety for Contractors) certified
  • Able to carry out the work anytime, anywhere!
  • Established clientbase across Europe, USA and Asia

Full HD Pushrod cameras

  • Pushrod - 10.3mm x 60m
  • Self-levelling camera head - 50mm x 118mm
  • Pan & Tilt camera head - 60mm x 104mm
  • Full HD 1080p video/audio/image capture
  • Digital zoom x 8
  • Distance measuring (m/ft)
  • USB & SD card storage
  • Removable locator

Full HD 1080p Cameras

  • Remote inspection and retrieval of debris
  • High resolution - full HD 1920 x 1080
  • Integral white LED lighting
  • 105mm x 25mm dia with 33m cable
  • Full range of rodding and retrieval accessories
  • Compatible with right-angle view head

Full HD 1080p Reeling-drum Cameras

  • Inspection of boiler downcomers
  • Slip-ring fed to ease cable management
  • High resolution - full HD 1920 x 1080
  • Integral white LED lighting
  • 105mm x 25mm with 100m cable
  • Compatible with right-angle-view head



Intrinsically Safe Cameras for Hazardous Areas

  • Intrinsically Safe: EE x ia IIC T6 for Zone 0 Hazardous Environments
  • Cable length: up to 60m
  • Pipe size: from 25mm diameter
  • Camera: Forward Facing (waterproof to IP68)
  • Control unit: LCD Colour Control Unit

High-intensity LED auxiliary light-source

  • Maximum power: 50W
  • Dimming: 0-100% PWM electronic
  • Colour temperature: 6,500K
  • Long life: 50,000 hours

Right-angle-view Heads

  • For general purpose and reeling drum cameras
  • Inter-ligament inspections of axial rows
  • Multi-layer coated 95% reflectance mirror
  • Off-axis lighting enhances crack visibility
  • Folding skids pass through 49mm dia access
  • 159mm x 25mm dia with 33m cable



Rotating Cameras

  • Inter-ligament inspections of radial rows
  • Co-axial LED lighting eliminates shadows
  • Off-axis lighting enhances crack visibility
  • Direct view optimises resolution (480 TVL)
  • Folding skids pass through 75mm dia access
  • 185mm x 38mm dia with 33m cable



Mini Drone - MAVIC 2 PRO "Thunderbird 1"

  • Protective carbon-fibre/alloy exo cage for safe operation
  • 3000 lumen studio-quality lighting
  • Gyroscopically-stabilised Hasselblad camera
  • Up to 2160p/4K video recording at 30fps
  • 20MP digital still camera
  • Dimensions (drone only): 520 x 450mm
  • Dimensions (including cage): 610 x 510mm
  • Maximum weight including cage and payload: 1.5kg
  • 20+ minute flight time (payload dependent)

Micro Drone "Thunderbird S"

  • Ultra-lightweight compact UAV
  • For indoor, confined space and pipe inspection
  • Enclosed rotors for safe operation
  • Digital FPV video transmission at 720p 60fps
  • Custom lighting solution
  • Can be tethered for extra safety and to aid retreval
  • Dimensions: 150x150mm
  • Max weight: <250g total

Pearpoint Flexiprobe Cameras

  • 25mm Camera head 39mm x 24mm dia 628 x 582 pixels
  • 50mm Camera head 80mm x 48mm dia 752 x 582 pixels
  • Mini reel with 35m rod
  • Standard reel with 60m rod
  • Optional Sonde module

Super Heavy-duty Flexiprobe Cameras

  • 25mm Camera head 39mm x 24mm dia 628 x 582 pixels
  • 50mm Camera head 80mm x 48mm dia 752 x 582 pixels
  • HD reel with 150m tubular rod
  • Straight push of >100m in 12" pipe
  • Main steam & reheat pipework
  • Optional Sonde module

Pearpoint Flexitrax Crawlers

  • Forward view camera 62mm x 68mm dia 460TVL
  • Pan and tilt camera 128mm x 70mm dia 460TVL
  • 100mm crawler
  • 150mm crawler
  • Manual drum
  • 150m cable with kevlar strain relief
  • Compact flash and USB2 data transfer
  • Integral Sonde module

Radiodetection Locator

  • Non-metallic pipes
  • Tracking & location
  • Max depth 19m
  • Flexiprobe cameras
  • Flexitrax crawlers

GE/Everest Ca-Zoom

  • PTZ70 468mm x 69.8mm dia 460TVL
    10x optical + 4x digital zoom
  • PTZ100 194mm x 98mm dia 460TVL
    10x optical + 12x digital zoom
  • PTZ150 287mm x 139mm dia 460TVL
    36x optical + 12x digital zoom
  • Camera control with compact flash and USB2 data transfer
  • Telescopic carbon fibre poles
  • Sectional carbon fibre poles
  • Swivel ball tripod
  • Waterproof to 45m

GE Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbes

  • Interchangeable probes
    4.5m x 6.1mm x 1,200k pixels
    Joystick-controlled all-way articulation
  • Handset with integral 6.5 LCD daylight-readable display
  • High-Intensity White LED illumination
  • Interchangeable tips including right-angle view and 3D phase/stereo-measurement
  • 2-hour lithium ion battery pack

GE XLG3 VideoProbes

  • Interchangeable probes
    3m x 3.9mm x 290,000 pixels
    3m x 6.1mm x 440,000 pixels
    8m x 6.1mm x 440,000 pixels
    18m x 8.4mm x 440,000 pixels
  • Polyurethane-coated tungsten braid insertion tube
  • Joystick-controlled all-way articulation
  • Handset with integral 6.4in LCD display
  • 75W high-intensity discharge lamp
  • Interchangeable tips including right-angle view and stereo-measurement
  • DVD and HDD recording
  • Battery operation optional

Olympus Iplex SA II Videoprobe

  • Tungsten braid insertion tube
    7.5m x 6mm
  • All-way articulation
  • 5.6in TFT display
  • 50W metal-halide light-source
  • Interchangeable tips including right-angle-view and stereo-measurement
  • High gain and integration for low-light operation
  • Still and moving image recording



JT8D Guide Tube

  • Remotely articulated guide tube
  • Double articulation with fibrescope/videoprobe
  • Video camera attachment for fibrescope
  • Short headers with limited access via stubs
  • Allows downward view into bottom half tubes
  • Combustion chambers in JT8D engines etc



Thermal Imaging Camera

  • Temperature ranges cover -10C to 1500C
  • Accuracy 2C, Resolution 0.1C at 30C
  • Pre-outage and post-outage surveys
  • Lagging, insulation and refractory linings
  • Location of hot spots in electrical systems
  • Overheating in bearings, gearboxes etc



Recordings and Reports

  • DVD-R disc (1hour/3.5Hour)
  • USB Flash Drive
  • Image/video clip transfer from compact Flash via USB port
  • Titling by text overlay
  • General inspection reports
  • Interligament cracking report, axial scan
  • Interligament cracking report, radial scan
  • TI report with data, visual and thermal images



Legacy Recording/Playback Facilities

  • U-Matic/VHS/SVHS recorders
  • VHS time lapse recorders for noise free still frame
  • DV/DVCAM digital recorders
  • DVD quality video recording on CD/CD-RW
  • DV/DVCAM camcorders
  • Digital still/video clip cameras







Rodding & Retrieval

  • Range of fibreglass rodders
  • Polypropylene rods in various diameters
  • Coil steel rods in various diameters
  • High-powered 2.4kW vacuum (32-amp plug)
  • Vacuum hoses: 15m at 32mm / 15m at 38mm / 24m at 51mm
  • Full range of retrieval accessories
  • Range of skid assemblies





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