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Thermal Imaging

Industrial inspection and non-destructive testing by visualisation of temperature distribution. Used in preventive/predictive maintenance with trend analysis, also in pre/post-outage and new-installation surveys.


Main Features

  • Temperature ranges cover 10C to 1500C
  • Accuracy better than 2C
  • Resolution 0.1C at 30C
  • Manual/automatic level and span settings
  • Emissivity/background/atmospheric transmission corrected
  • High-resolution, colour, laser-printed reports with thermal/photographic images, tables and graphs
  • Spot, area, profile and isotherm functions
  • maximum, minimum and average temperatures/differences

Applications include

  • Location of steam leaks under lagging
  • Condition of lagging and thermal insulation
  • Detection of breakdown in refractory linings
  • Identification of passing valves, steam traps, etc.
  • Location of furnace-tube hot-spots
  • Monitoring of fluid levels in tanks and vessels
  • Detection of overheating in bearings, gear-boxes etc.
  • Location of hot-spots in electrical systems which include transformers, switch-gear, transmission-lines, bus-bars, circuit-breakers, fuses, cables, motors, generators, brush-gear, etc.
  • Heat dissipation in printed-circuit boards and electronic equipment
  • Energy audits and building diagnostics
  • Scientific, archaeological and forensic applications
  • Medical, veterinary and equestrian investigations

Visual Image

Thermal Image


Graph along line L101


Spot temperaturesSP01-SP05 and max/min/average along line L101

Label Temp Label Temp
SP01 41.8C L101:max 50.4C
SP02 41.3C l102: min 19.2C
SP03 29.7C L103: avg 45.9C
SP04 49.8C
SP05 43.6C

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